Release date: 7th September 2018

Lonely Things is almost finished. Over the next week I'm going to be making some small tweaks and improvements here and there, while getting some promotional stuff (screenshots, a trailer) ready as well. I've been working pretty hard these past few weeks on getting it ready.

A playthrough is running at about 60-90 minutes judging by the tests I've had done of the game, which I'm pretty happy with. I made up a sheet for the testers to report bugs - most of which I had noticed but might have otherwise forgotten about on my own - and I've managed to fix all of them. So, hopefully the game will play just fine for everyone when it's out.

I won't start writing any retrospective stuff yet, because it isn't quite done just yet. Still a handful of things left to do. 

Since I'm going to sell this game.  I want to make sure it's got everything it needs in it to be worth the price - which, I've settled on being $3.50, and since people enjoyed the music of the demo,  the OST will be available for people who buy the game as a separate download on the page. It'll have all of the songs in the game, plus a few which I think are good - maybe some of the better ones - but which just didn't fit in the game. They all come from the 'world' of the game, I made them for Lonely Things.

Oh, if you donated when downloading the demo, the game will be available to you for free. As I understand this is how itch operates automatically - if not, I'll make sure those of you who did will get it.

Back in the next few days with screenshots and a trailer. The demo will be going down at some point this week, since it really no longer represents the quality of the game very much (the full game is a lot better), but I'll leave it up at least until I have the new screens up. 

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Glad the full game will be out soon, and congrats on your accomplishment! Making a game, especially if it's a solo project, is a huge undertaking, so I really commend game devs who have the motivation and worth ethic to complete it.

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Yeah, part of me is surprised I managed to stick with it all the way through, since this is my first game, but I've almost done it.  It will feel good to get the full thing out to people.

Thanks, Malice. You've been following along for a while now - I appreciate it.