Update after demo

When I put out the demo I decided to take a step back from actively working on the game for a couple of weeks so I could kind of think about the direction of the project going ahead. I've been back at it doing some design work - redone a couple of rooms, improved graphics - and I spent a little time working on a small project (space shooter type deal) which I might or might not finish up and release. The point of it was to get better at certain elements of C# Unity coding and I did so that was good.

It will probably be a bit quiet for a little while in terms of updates, because I'm writing out the rest of the game and rewriting some elements of the stuff that was in the demo because based on feedback, and a certain 'block' I was already feeling that it kind of affirmed, I've decide the 'hook' of the game is fairly weak. People who played the demo that I saw generally were enjoying it a lot towards the end, but took a while to get into it. There's no denying the conceit for actually getting to the point of walking around and exploring the hotel and the characters' stories is pretty weak! Initially I intended that - you just play as a faceless nobody who happens on the hotel. I'm going to change that and obviously that'll have implications for other things later in the game.

Overall I was pretty happy with the responses the demo got, and over the next several months I'll just be working away at the full game which I'll release hopefully at some point this year. Once the full shape of the game is laid out properly, I'll start thinking about if/how to promote it. However, I will make some more posts a bit later to give updates on the development when I feel like the game is in its true shape and things won't change substantially. The concept has always been in flux, since the very beginning, because I'm learning as I go with this game, and now it's time to pin it down and start walking towards completing it.

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