Close to the 'final' demo.

I've reworked most of the systems in Lonely Things by now so that they work more smoothly. It's probably not the best idea to basically take your first project from when you knew very little through to the stage I am at now, just because so much of the code is what I'd now call 'bad'. Or it was - I fixed it! 

So there is a demo available to download on the page and if you're seeing this a few days after the post I will have most likely updated with another version which will be the final demo version before the uploads stop for a while and I finish the main game. That might not take very long or it might take several months. I have an outline for the rest of the game - it won't be a long game, really, in the end - which might change a bit but there's a story for this and it only goes on so long.

The demo is playable to the end, I added in gamepad controls, fixed the UI up a bit, reimplemented saving and loading, and also extended the intro with a scene before the original one. Hopefully if you play it, whether it is this version or the one I'll put up in a few days (the changes I want to make are mostly graphical and writing upgrades), you enjoy it. Let me know if you do.

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Jan 20, 2018

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