June Update

Time for an update, since it's been a while. I will post another in the next few weeks I think, but I wanted to at least stick my head up and say hello, still working on it, so just a little one for now.

I've been working on the ending sequence this weekend. I'll be doing some more on that today, and then once that is in place (which might take a few more weekends), it'll be a matter of polishing up the graphics, improving writing, improving some of the music and so on. The game isn't huge but doing all of these things obviously takes a lot of time.

The thing is, I got a full time job right after my last update, as a developer. First developer job. So I've had to focus on that a lot, even outside of working hours, to learn and y'know, be good at it.  That's slowed down finishing Lonely Things, cordoning it off to the weekends - otherwise I think it would be pretty much finished by now.

As it is, it will be a little while longer. I'd rather take my time and have it come out in as good a state I am capable of right now than rush it, of course. It's tempting when, for example, this past week the demo picked up some attention again and I thought 'crap i better finish this thing while people are interested' - but that's backwards, and I've already had more positive responses than I expected when I began. So I'll take my time and get the story right, get it looking right (best i can), and just have it be a solid piece of work I'm happy with.

Once I get the game playable from start to finish, I'll probably be able to post more things like screenshots, since presentation will be all I'm working on at that point. So, more to come soon. Thanks as always for taking a look.

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I agree with taking your time on the game to polish it up. Congrats and best of luck with the new job as well!